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Six Reasons Your Next Corporate Party Needs An Obstacle Course

By August 21, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Your Next Corporate Party Needs An Obstacle Course

Anyone putting together a huge corporate party can tell you that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to plan an event for dozens, even hundreds, of people.

Together all day in the office, coworkers who come together for an office party sometimes do so reluctantly. It can feel like an extension of work. In other words, something they feel mandated to attend.

That doesn’t have to be the case, anymore. The vast number of options at party rental companies such as Air Fun Games in New Port Richey can transform the boring old office party into an event everyone looks forward to and will remember for a long time.

One of the ways to accomplish that is picking one of the many available obstacle courses.

People Want Action

Not that long ago, parties were different. People tended to stand around and talk in groups. The main focus was on food and drink. This proved especially true at big office parties. That’s no longer the case. People want activities when they go somewhere, not a lot of talk. There’s plenty of opportunity for that at the office. Obstacle courses have the perfect mix of challenging a person’s athletic ability and also giving them a dose of competition.

Brings People Together

People tend to congregate in the same groups they hang out with at the office when they attend corporate functions. An obstacle course eliminates that issue and actually brings people together. Encouraging cross-functional communication is key during business hours. Won’t having people from different departments having fun together help with that issue?

Corporate Party Competition

This can’t be emphasized enough. And no, it’s not just the men. Both genders like a good race, and obstacle courses provide that and then some. Plus it’s in a safe, fun environment where the outcome isn’t the end of the world. And with the variety of courses available, party planners can find one that best fits the skill level of the party guests.

Give Kids Something To Do

People often bring family to company events. If you have never seen kids sitting around bored at a company party, then you have never been to a corporate party. Help the kids and their parents out by giving them a safe, fun challenge. Some courses from Air Fun, such as the Survival Jr. Obstacle Course, are designed for the small kids. And the Scrambler Inflatable Obstacle Course packs nine obstacles into a small package.

You Can Go High…

The variety for courses also is attractive. Unlike some forms of entertainment, obstacle courses come in such variety that they seem like different rides. For example, the Vertical Rush Obstacle Course offers challenges who party guests climb 25 feet into the air.

…Or You Can Go Long

Plenty of obstacle courses offer a good length for players to navigate. But the Ultimate Obstacle Course is aptly named. Perfect for big parties, this course is 110 feet long and combines three different courses.  The challenges include tunnels, pop ups, rock wall climbs and slides. By being able to mix and match the course, party planners can create the perfect course for their party.

A corporate party used to be something employees half-dreaded. Now, they can be among the highlights of the year. Take the time to plan properly. And consider adding a fun challenge like an obstacle course to the mix.

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