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Event Planning at Its Best: Air Fun’s Impact on Campus Events

On Campus Events

Campus events require a lot of preparation and work to make them a success. In addition to setting a budget, choosing a location, deciding on a theme and sending out invitations, party planners still must decide on what types of attractions to offer guests.

Air Fun Games can play a key role in managing campus event planning. With years of experience in event planning, the Tampa Bay company can provide the support needed to choose the right entertainment to fit a party’s space and thematic needs. In addition to campus events, Air Fun Games also has experience in planning and executing church events, corporate parties, neighborhood events, holiday parties and convention center events.

Who Is Air Fun Games?

Air Fun Games, headquartered in New Port Richey, is a leading provider of thrill rides, inflatable games, bounce houses and party rentals – all designed to ensure your event is infused with boundless fun. With one of the most extensive selections in Florida, Air Fun Games offers a wide array of inflatable water slides, bounce houses, rock walls, carnival games, concession equipment, and much more. Our service area spans across major parts of Florida, including Tampa, Westchase, New Port Richey, Clearwater, St. Pete, Orlando, Lakeland and beyond.

Air Fun Games is committed to regularly introducing fresh and distinctive party rentals to ensure your event stands out as truly extraordinary. What truly sets the company apart is their dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

Why Work With a Professional Event Planner?

Hiring a professional to plan a campus event offers a range of benefits that can result in a better experience for both organizers and attendees. They bring a lot of benefits to the table, including the following.

Expertise and Experience. Professional event planners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They are well-versed in all aspects of event planning, from conceptualization to execution, and have the expertise to navigate potential challenges and pitfalls.

Access to networks and contacts. Established event planners often have an extensive network of contacts in the industry, including vendors, suppliers, and other professionals. This network can lead to valuable partnerships and help secure the best deals for services and products.

Creative vision and innovation. Event planners are creative thinkers who can bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. They can help brainstorm unique concepts, themes, and activities that will make the event memorable and engaging for attendees.

Risk mitigation and contingency planning. Professionals are skilled in identifying potential risks and creating contingency plans to address unforeseen circumstances. This proactive approach minimizes the likelihood of disruptions or emergencies during the event.

Budget optimization. Event planners have experience working within a range of budgets. They can help allocate resources effectively, ensuring that every dollar is maximized to create an impactful event.

Compliance with regulations. Campus events often involve adherence to specific regulations, such as safety, accessibility, and legal requirements. A professional event planner is well-versed in these regulations and will ensure that the event is compliant.

Stress reduction for organizers. Planning a campus event can be a stressful undertaking, particularly for individuals who may not have extensive event planning experience. Hiring a professional allows campus staff to delegate the responsibility, alleviating stress and ensuring a smoother process.

Entertainment Rentals for Campus Events

Some of the options event planners can choose from when working with Air Fun Games include the following.

Bounce House Rentals. Fun for the young (or young at heart) party guests, bounce house rentals come in all shapes, designs and sizes. Of course, there is a pirate ship! But there’s also the Tiger Belly, Construction KidZone and Tropical Rain Forest, to name a few of the many choices.

Inflatable Slides. This category includes water slides, inflatable slides and wet inflatables. There’s a dunk tank, too! These amazing slides also include memorable designs, such as the King Croc Inflatable Slide and the giant shark on the Gone Fishing slide.

Thrill Rides. Air Fun Games offers attractions that go beyond inflatables to include thrill rides that can provide a midway experience at any type of event. Extreme Attractions. They range from the beautiful Venetian Carousel to the Wrecking Ball and rock wall climbing adventures.

Carnival Games and Concessions. This collection represents one of the best in all of Central Florida, from classics like Giant Plinko and Giant Cornhole to the Alien Pinball Game.

Obstacle Courses. These inflatable attractions provide a safe, challenging way for people to work together on a team or race one-on-one. Plus, they are just a lot of fun.

Within each of these categories are many entertainment options, making it easier for you to find the right fit for your next campus event. You already have great ideas for your party. Air Fun Games can help you realize your vision and take your campus event to the next level.