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Kids Valentine’s Day Party Ideas You’ll Love

By January 15, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Kids Valentine’s Day Party Ideas You'll Love | Valentine Party Games

While not the biggest holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day offers parents the chance to do something different with their kids. No other holiday is quite like Valentine’s Day. By putting some of the better kids Valentine’s Day party ideas into action, you can make this a day one your kids and their friends will remember.

Like any kind of event planning, finding kids Valentine’s Day party ideas involves some research and deciding what works best for your group of kids. Fortunately, there are many great ideas to check out, including the following.


Help With Event Planning

Fun With Food

Kids Valentine’s Day Party Ideas You'll Love | Valentine Party GamesWe’ll start here, because nothing gets kids’ attention quite like cookies! Give the kids both a tasty treat and an enjoyable task by making some plain sugar cookies that are heart shaped. Then, give the kids pastry bags with colored frosting and sprinkles (red, pink and white…maybe black?) and turn them loose as cookie decorators. They are going to want to eat some, of course. But you can put the rest in cute gift bags that the kids can give to their parents.

Baking Treats

If the kids are old enough and you have taught them cooking skills, then let them bake their own cookies (under your supervision, of course) Or, you can have them make something a little more complicated, such as cupcakes. Yum.

Inflatables and Thrill Rides

Providing the kids with inflatable rentals such as a slide, obstacle course or bounce house can give you a centerpiece for the whole party. It’s also something the kids will love. There are many great choices, making it easier than ever to find the right one for you. The same can be said for thrill rides you can rent, which include rock walls, bumper cars, mobile zip lines and quad jumpers.


Inflatable Slide Rentals You'll Love


Fun, Homemade Games

There are many fun game ideas that can help make a kid’s Valentine’s Day party special using items you have around the house and some Valentine’s Day candy. For example, you just need a printer and paper to download printable puzzles the kids can solve. Or you can make edible Valentine’s Day-themed jewelry with some string and pieces of candy. You can also rent interactive games, such as glow golf or an inflatable Twister game. Any of these can make for great Valentine Party games.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

There’s no limit on the different kinds of crafts you can do. You are only bound by the age and crafting abilities of the children. One straightforward but fun idea is to get colored construction paper, scissors and glue, and let the kids each make their own “heart wreath” especially for Valentine’s Day. You do it by simply cutting out small hearts and gluing them together to make a circular wreath.

These are some kids Valentine’s Day party ideas that can make the day that much more special. With the right Valentine Party games, food and decorations, you can make this Valentine’s Day more special than ever for your children and their friends.

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