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Neighborhood New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

By December 30, 2019October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Neighborhood New Year's Eve Party Ideas | Kid Friendly New Year’s Party

Throwing a neighborhood New Year’s Eve party is the best way to ring in the New Year with family and friends while also entertaining the kids. We’ve found certain ideas work well for a kid friendly New Year’s party, including entertainment such as inflatable slides, bounce houses, mechanical bulls, a “mock” New Year’s Eve for younger kids, party games, and a progressive New Year’s Eve party where you travel from house to house.

It’s the best night of the year for getting together with those you love. Consider these ideas as you get ready for the big night.

Entertainment Options

You want to give guests plenty to do at the party – just standing around and talking is no fun!  For the kids especially, you want there to be some fun entertainment to help them ring in the New Year.

Here are some great entertainment options for a neighborhood New Year’s Eve party.

Mechanical Bull

Don’t worry, it’s completely safe! Today’s mechanical bull rental comes with a soft bull head and an inflatable arena so that everyone lands gently. It also can be set at different levels to match the skills of the rider.

Mechanical Bull Rental

Inflatable Slide

Inflatable slides never go out of style, especially when there are inflatable slide rentals that come in a huge variety of styles and shapes to fit your backyard. You can also get them wet or dry.

Inflatable Slide Rentals You'll Love

Bounce House

Bounce houses are a classic for a reason. Kids always love the chance to kick off their shoes and bounce as high as they can. Whether they are into princess castles or superheroes, you can find the right bounce house rental for your kid friendly New Year’s Eve party.

Tons of Bounce Houses to Choose From!

A “Mock” New Year’s Eve Party

Some adults will secretly move forward the clocks by a couple of hours so that young kids will celebrate reaching the New Year a few hours before it happens. Whether you do it secretly or out in the open, it’s a smart idea. For the little ones, you may want to schedule this “mock” New Year’s Eve as early as 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. so they can celebrate and then get to bed!

Party Games

Another great way to celebrate the New Year is to bring everyone together to play a game. There are tons of fun board games to choose from, of course. There are also timeless games such as charades or karaoke. Ask your guests in advance what games they like best and put them to use to make for a kid friendly New Year’s Eve party.

Progressive Party

An idea that has taken off in recent years is having progressive party. This involves moving the New Year’s Eve party from one house to the next in your neighborhood as the night goes on. The key here is to create a schedule and stick to it for your neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, which means setting exact times for when you will arrive at a house and how long you will stay (30-45 minutes is usually about right). It’s a great way to celebrate in the neighborhood without putting the burden of hosting on just one household.

The main thing to remember is to enjoy yourself! A New Year’s Eve party is a special occasion. Make the most of your time with your friends, family and neighbors.

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