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Mechanical Bull Rental: Western Theme Party Tips

Mechanical Bull Rental: Western Theme Party Tips | Bull Ride Party Ideas

Western-themed parties never go out of style. That’s because the Wild West in the United States was not only unique and interesting, it also offers a ton of ideas for creating a great party!

Western-themed parties don’t have to just involve cowboy hats and boots (although they should involve those, too). These parties also can feature cool rides that really give people a feel for the West, such the mechanical bull rental.

You can do a lot with a Western-themed party. Here are a few ideas.

Party Invitations

The wonderful thing about a Western-themed party is that everyone is familiar with the culture and images around the Old West. That means you can go many ways with how you create invitations for the party.

For example, you can create “Wanted” posters for your invites. Or you can  send out invitations that are shaped like a:

  • Longhorn Steer
  • Boot
  • Cactus
  • Cowboy hat
  • Horseshoe
  • Pistol

All the above sends a clear message: this is a Western-themed party that’s going to be fun.

Decorations and Music

Hay bales, of course. You’ll also want to go with red-checked clothes on the table and the same theme for napkins. You can even find Western-themed cups and tableware with a cowhide print, wagon wheels, etc. Consider adding a train for everyone to ride on because you can.

If you don’t use Wanted posters for the invitations, you can use them on the walls, using photos of the guest of honor or some of the guests (if they don’t mind, of course). Any images involving horses, cattle, the plains, mountains or cowboys (and cowgirls) is going to work.

As for music, you can choose whatever kind of country you like, but you can never go wrong with old-school stars such as Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

Mechanical Bull Rental

As mentioned above, you can make a mechanical bull rental the centerpiece of the party. That’s about as Western-themed as it gets. Today’s mechanical bull rentals offer a variety of speeds and skill levels, meaning that even beginners can have a good time. It also comes with an inflatable arena so that every fall ends with a soft landing.

Games and Fun

You can have many different kinds of Western-themed games at your party. They include the following.

Costume contest. Always a winner. You’ll get the people who want to come as white-hat good guys. You’ll also get the black-hat villains. There are plenty of options with shirts, vests, bandanas, gun belts, etc.

Dance. Depending on how authentic you want to go, you can combine the music mentioned above with some two-step or line dancing. Even for those who don’t know how this is a fantastic opportunity to learn.

Poker. Card games are featured in just about every Western movie. Why not set up a card game table at your party? Duels between the winners and losers are optional!

Put these ideas into play and you can create a Western-themed party your guests will love. You’ll have them shouting “yeehaw” and riding the range (figuratively) before you know it.

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