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Popular Trade Show Game Rentals

Popular Trade Show Game Rentals | Tampa Convention Center Rentals

The key to having a popular trade show booth is offering people something they’ve never done before or something so fun they want to do it again. First impressions are everything with trade shows, so it’s important to plan ahead, prepare your staff and put together a trade show booth people will remember.

Why is this so important? Because millions of deals and business contacts are made every year at trade shows. They are the No. 1 place for business people to network with others in their industry.

Trade show game rentals can play a key role in a successful trade show for your company. Here are six of the most popular trade show game rentals. Any of the below can make you stand out among the competition.

LED Games

LED games give trade show attendees a reason to visit your booth and have a little fun. The LED lights make these games good no matter what the lighting situation, or whether the event is happening during the day or night. They include a LED version of the popular Corn Hole game and a LED version of the classic game, Ping Pong.

Bell Ringer

We’ve all noticed how a Bell Ringer game stops traffic at a carnival. That’s because it’s too tempting not to stop, take a swing and try to drive the metal bar high enough to ring the bell. It’s just that simple, but also that challenging! These days, you can get a ringer at both the 6-feet height and the 17-feet height.

Popcorn Machines

Another thing that stops people in their tracks is free popcorn (or, really, any kind of free food giveaway). You can rent mobile popcorn machines that have that vintage styling, giving it a cool retro feel. You can also rent machines that make cotton candy and snow cones. Providing everyone a tasty treat is a sure-fire way to get your booth positive attention.

Classic Carnival Games

Speaking of a retro feel, some of the best trade show game rentals are based around carnival games. In the digital age, many people haven’t seen games like this in many years – some may have never played them at all! Consider a few classics such as the Ring Toss or Bottle Ringer, also known as Ring the Glass Bottle.

Carnival Tents

Some items signal “fun” as soon as you see them, and a carnival tent is one of those. Those red and white stripes are like magnets to people. You can rent striped carnival tents, as well as tables, chairs and everything else you need to make your trade show booth welcoming.

Putting Challenge

Business people love golf. That can be counted on like the sun rising in the east. That’s why offering a putting challenge is sure to attract people at a trade show. You can offer prizes for those who can sink a hole-in-one! You also can rent a Glow Golf course that allows you to set up inside a tent or at night. Pairing a putting challenge with a trade show is a winning combination.

These are just six of the many trade show game rentals you can get from looking around the site. Check out the carnival games. We’re sure there is likely an option there, maybe even one we haven’t mentioned, that will fit perfectly with your trade show plans.

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