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Putting A Thrill In Your House Party

By December 30, 2016October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Thrilling House Party

If you want a thrilling house party that people will really enjoy and always remember, the latest options in thrill ride rentals offers a good place to start.

Where once you could only enjoy such rides at fairs and carnivals, now you can turn your own backyard or neighborhood park into a midway. That’s a good thing.

While thrill rides aren’t for everyone, they work wonders at larger events, giving everyone a chance to experience zip lining, rock climbing and other rides in a safe and fun environment.

And thanks to party rental companies, you now have access to dozens of choices for thrill rides. The following represent some of them, taken from the website of Air Fun Games, a party rental company in New Port Richey.

Rock Wall and Climbing Adventure for a Thrilling House Party

Twenty-four feet may not sound that high until you are standing, looking up at the top and realizing you have to climb all the way up there. This rock wall provides a steep challenge – although there are climbing sides for medium, hard and advanced levels of difficulty if you want to work your way up. Whatever side you choose, reaching the top will feel like a major accomplishment (because it is).


As the name implies, the challenge here is to avoiding getting wiped out. One of the most popular thrill ride rentals, this one involves standing atop one of four pedestals in a 25-by-25-foot space. Spinning from a mount at the center of the square is an arm that swings around the space, seeking to knock players from their pedestals. You need fast reactions and coordination to win this one, making the competition all the more fun.

Mobile Zip Line

Who doesn’t like a zip line? And who doesn’t want to try one if you never have before? Riders climb a three-story high stair to get into the harness, then travel along a 174-foot line, almost 30 feet in the air! Take in the view, check out your friends from high above, and then use the brakes as you reach the end. Workers are there to make sure everything goes safely and all have an enjoyable experience.

Mechanical Bull

Unleash your inner cowboy. This ride allows you to get the feeling of riding a bucking bull, with the safety of a soft, foam landing and machine that you can set at whatever pace you wish, of course. Stay on the longest and you win. It’s just that simple. But it’s not that easy.

Spider Mountain

A climbing adventure like no other. This one is especially good for parties with the little ones. Rubber strands (the web part) are strung in a series of soft polyester fabric through which people climb. The second ring from the bottom also functions as a trampoline. Once you get to the top, you can challenge yourself by climbing back down or take the huge slide back to the bottom.

These great rides show some of the many choices you have today when throwing a party and wanting to add a dash of “thrilling.” Go get it. It will be a party everyone will remember for ages. More importantly, it’s just fun.

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