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Add the Unexpected to Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. Whether your favorite team makes it or not, now is the time to start planning the big party.

Everyone knows what to expect at a Super Bowl party: chips, dip and everyone laughing at all the new commercials made just for the event. That’s all well and good, but how about giving people something they don’t expect?

Thanks to party rental companies such as Air Fun Games in New Port Richey, you have many different choices for making your party one that all will remember. Also, it gives everyone something to do if the game gets boring.

And let’s face it, there’s a pretty good chance that will happen.

Of course, there’s also pregame time, halftime (if you don’t care about watching the show) and after the game. These attractions, pulled from the Air Fun Games site, represent some of the options that could work well with a football party.

Super Bowl Party: Field Goal Challenge

This one will keep the competitive game watchers in your crew entertained for hours. Players attempt to kick a field goal through the uprights of an inflatable field goal post. People who give this a try will never make fun of field goal kickers ever again: it’s that hard. The high backdrop saves you the trouble of having to run and fetch every ball kicked (except for the errant ones). How far away you kick from is up to you…and whoever you are trying to beat.

Ultimate Obstacle Course

It’s called “ultimate” for a reason. This 110-foot long course offers you the kind of challenges a running back faces every Sunday on the field. Competitors race side-by-side through a series of tunnels, up a 25-foot rock wall and then down a slide for the final burst to the finish line.

World Sport Games

This one is not strictly football, but it will provide plenty of fun for sports lovers. It combines elements of soccer, basketball, baseball, Frisbee, darts and football. It offers challenges related to each sport and encourages team play, so it’s especially great for the little ones. At 924 square feet, it offers a great amount of fun in one rental.

Football Challenge

This carnival-style game gives players the chance to test their skill at scoring in the Big Game. Designed mostly for kids, but this one also will appeal to competitive adults. Simple to set up and small in size, this one provides quick, football-related fun for anyone who wants a break from the big game.

Game Food

As mentioned above, you can go the chips and dip route and no one will blame you. But why not offer the kind of goodies you can get at most stadiums? With a party rental company, you can get machines that make popcorn, show cones and cotton candy (OK, maybe most stadiums don’t have cotton candy, but the kids will love it). And if you want to have a little adult fun on hard, a tropical drink machine is available.

By their very nature, Super Bowl parties offer a lot of fun. But by adding a few of these attractions, you can make the party even better. Why not give your Super Bowl party guests something unexpected for this year’s big game?

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