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Throwing a Holiday Party in Florida

By November 27, 2016October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Holiday Party in Florida

Florida living offers many advantages. Beaches, world-class amusement parks, great seafood and an expanding economy rank among them.

Another is the fantastic holiday weather.

While the rest of the country has a white Christmas, Floridians know the advantages of a green one. And one of those advantages is the ability to have a holiday party outside under blue skies. There probably is not a Floridian who can’t tell a story about wearing shorts on Christmas.

Thanks to the growth of party rental companies, there are more options than ever for throwing a great holiday party.  Whether you plan to have a party for the neighborhood, church or school – or just family and close friends – you now have more options than ever in giving everyone something fun to do.

Tips For a Florida Holiday Party

A holiday party is a great event for your family, friends, neighborhood, school or organization. The days of serving punch in a bowl and crackers and cheese are long gone. You have now have the entertainment at your disposal to throw a truly memorable event.

Here are some issues to keep in mind.

  • Set a firm budget for what you want to spend and hold to that limit
  • Pick a decorating theme and stick to it
  • Ask those with the talent for decorating or food to help you create the party – this will save costs and also keep you from going crazy trying to do it all
  • Make sure to take pictures and videos. Your family and friends will cherish them in the years to come

Entertainment Options

With the help of others, you can line up the food and decorations you will need for the event. With the help of a company such as Air Fun Games, you can provide entertainment that will have people who come to your party talking about it a long time after it is over.

Some choices, taken from the Air Fun Games site, include:

  • Bounce houses for the kids
  • Obstacle courses
  • Rock climbing walls (of various difficulties)
  • Food and beverage options (including a tropical drink stand if you want to make the theme totally Floridian)
  • Thrill rides such as bumper cars, zip lines and foam machines
  • Sports-themed entertainment such as the field goal kicking challenge and the Full Court Press basketball game
  • A trackless train if you are having a large event and want to have a fun way to transport people

No matter which type of entertainment you choose, it will give you a chance to throw a holiday part that is nothing like those drab affairs you remember from many years past. While once we had to stand around at these parties, party rental companies offer you the chance to give people a reason to move.

That’s a good thing. And a certain recipe for creating a fabulous holiday get together.

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