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Perfect Pairings: Enhance Your Event with Unique Combo Rentals

party combo rentals

Inflatables, carnival games, and obstacle courses are popular party rental options for good reason. These rentals attract crowds because they are so much fun and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

You likely know about the most popular party rental options, but did you know that there are also a ton of extras available to make your experience even more special? It’s true!

Here are some of our favorite perfect pairings for you to consider for your next event. These unique combo rentals can help your event stand out and attract even more guests.

Renting an Obstacle Course? Add a Snow Cone Machine

When your guests work up a sweat running through an inflatable obstacle course, a frosty treat is the perfect thing to help them cool down after. So, a snow cone machine rental is the perfect choice!

Snow cones are delicious, fun to eat, and most importantly, super portable. So, you can enjoy your snow cone as you walk from attraction to attraction!

Renting a Bounce House? Add a Cotton Candy Machine

Kids love bounce houses. Kids love cotton candy. Let’s face it, adults love both of these things too! So, when you’re renting a bounce house, adding a cotton candy machine is the ideal sweet treat to enjoy after jumping.

Cotton candy machines also smell incredible, because the spun sugar wafts through the air, bringing back nostalgic memories. It’s a small rental that can make a huge impact in creating a successful event!

Renting a Water Slide? Add a Selfie Mirror

Water slides always make a splash because they’re big, they’re thrilling, and they’re joyous. That’s why every time there’s a water slide rental at an event, you’ll see a bunch of phones up, recording all the fun as friends and family zip down the slides.

Since water slides are so often photographed, why not continue to make the memories special by including a selfie mirror rental? This photo booth alternative is a combination of a mirror with a camera, so guests can take pictures through the mirror. The touchscreen lets them create personalized designs and share the images instantly on social media or through texting.

Renting Carnival Games? Add Carnival Tents

Carnival games are a must-have for any party or event. To bring these games to the next level, rent some carnival tents to help set the ambiance. Not only do the tents help create the carnival atmosphere, but they also provide some relieving shade to help with the Florida sun.

Renting a Cyclone Spin? Add Spin Art

There are so many spinning carnival rides, like the super popular cyclone spin. People love soaring through the air, spinning in massive circles. After taking a ride, spin art can make a sweet keepsake to bring home as a reminder of the fun.

Spin art is a classic activity that anyone can participate in, regardless of age or artistic ability. It’s a lovely way to enjoy some creativity and bring home a special memory.