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What is an Inflatable Jousting Rental?

By February 29, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
What is an Inflatable Jousting Rental? | Medieval Jousting Inflatable FAQs

An inflatable jousting rental provides players fun competition as they use padded batons to knock each other over and try to remain the last person standing. The jousting inflatable is a long-time favorite for corporate events, launch parties, school fundraisers and neighborhood carnivals.

Finding a medieval jousting inflatable is easy with a professional game rental company that offers the latest design in inflatable jousting rentals.

How Medieval Jousting Inflatables Works

Jousting offers the chance for safe, friendly competition at your next event. Players suit up with protective headgear and step into a rectangular, inflatable jousting arena. Both players stand on a podium. Their “weapon” is a padded baton.


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Once the game starts, they try to knock each other off the podium using their batons. The winner is the last person standing. The person who loses the round falls onto the soft floor of the inflatable arena. It’s a safe, exciting game for people of all ages and sizes, as superior height and weight do not necessarily lead to victory.

Players can battle one-on-one or party patrons can form teams where each teammate battles it out with someone from the opposing side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jousting Inflatable Rentals

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about jousting inflatable rentals.

Are jousting inflatables safe?

Yes. Players wear headgear, use padded batons and compete inside a soft, inflatable arena.

Is jousting good for kids?

Yes. Jousting inflatables work with players of all ages – and sometimes the smaller, more agile kids are better than the adults!

Does jousting require supervision?

Yes, someone should supervise all matches. If you need help in this area, talk with an Air Fun Games representative when you make your order.

How much space does the jousting arena require?

The jousting area is 26 feet long, 25 feet wide and the walls are three feet high.

Help With Event Planning

What type of parties use a jousting arena?

Many different types of events make use of a medieval jousting inflatable. They include:

Corporate events. Jousting is a great way to encourage team-building and problem solving. It also shows employee appreciation by giving them something different and exciting to do at the next corporate event.

Launch parties. Launch parties are about making the event memorable, and few games rank higher than an inflatable jousting rental when it comes to “memorable.”

School fundraisers. Having people pay to joust, with the money going to a great cause, is a unique and fun idea for a fundraiser.

Neighborhood carnivals. For large neighborhood carnivals, parties and fundraisers, an inflatable jousting rental gives everyone a chance to come together for a fun time. This is a great rental not just for those who are playing, but for the spectators!

Choosing an inflatable jousting rental is an excellent way to build anticipation for your event and give people a reason to remember the party – and your organization – long after the party is over.

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