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7 Reasons Why Inflatable Games Rock

Inflatable games are an exciting, safe way to give your party guests a fun time in a lot of different ways. Unlike other games, inflatable games can level the playing field, provide hilarious social media posts, offer friendly competition, give you a large variety of choices, offer the option of indoor or outdoor use and provide a safe way for people to have fun.

Popularity of Inflatable Games

Inflatable games have continued to be popular because of those reasons. They not only are perfect for parties but also come in a larger variety than ever. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why inflatable games rock.

Levels the Playing Field

In most games, there are those with more coordination and athletic skills than others. But in an inflatable game, everyone is equally as uncoordinated! It can level the playing field in competitions such as the inflatable joust arena, where just remaining standing is difficult for all.

Great Social Media Posts

Until you’ve posted an image of people flying down a Criss Cross Collision Course track inside giant inflatable balls – well, then you haven’t posted one of the greatest images you can capture! Inflatable games are just pure fun, and they provide anyone with a smartphone the chance to post very funny images online.

Friendly Competition

Sometimes competition can get a little fierce at parties – especially company parties – but that’s hard to do when you’re trying to negotiate a tough obstacle course or play a giant game of inflatable Twister. Inflatable games encourage friendly competition and can involve people of all ages and all skill levels.


With most games, you are stuck with four or five options. But inflatables allow you to play a wide variety of games. Where else can you hold a jousting tournament that is safe for everyone? Or have a Demolition Ball game where the last person standing is the winner? Or see who is best at riding a mechanical bull? Inflatable games offer enough choices to satisfy just about any taste.

Obstacle Courses

A word needs to be said about obstacle courses. They have long been a staple of inflatable games, and with good reason. There are so many different varieties of obstacle courses that require so many different skills – running, crawling, climbing, dodging – that’s it’s great for everyone. Obstacle courses are one of the few games where a little kid might beat everyone! It’s fun for people of all ages, even if they are competing against each other.

Indoor and Outdoor

Inflatable games also offer a great deal of flexibility. You can place your rentals inside if you have a large space. The variety of sizes allow for use in your backyard whether it is big or small.

It’s Safe

When you rent from an entertainment company like AirFun Games, you are guaranteed a safe set up and operation of the inflatable game. In addition to safety, you have the added benefit of not having to set up or break down yourself! Inflatable games provide a safe, convenient way to offer your party guests fun activities.

Those are some of the reasons why inflatable games are so much fun and worth the rental. Look around to see what inflatable games might best suit your party – with all the choices, you’re bound to find the right one for you!


  • Luke Smith says:

    It was a very helpful insight when you said that a good way to start a friendly competition is to have a bounce house that has obstacles for additional challenge. My company is planning to have a vacation soon, and my boss asked me for some ideas regarding the activities we can do. Thank you for this, I’ll make sure to suggest that we rent a bounce house for our corporate event.

  • Ava Murphy says:

    It was helpful when you said that inflatables offer flexibility since they can be both used indoors and outdoors. This is something that I will consider because I am planning to organize my son’s 6th birthday party. He is requesting to have a pool party, so it will make sense for me to consider renting inflatable water slides.

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