Rock Slide Obstacle Course

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Sure, you’ve heard about a rock wall. But how about the Rock Slide? This innovative, entertaining party rental gives you the chance to offer your younger guests something completely new and different, giving them an experience to talk about long after the party is over.

The reason why? The Rock Slide offers a unique, exciting attraction. The giant inflatable features a rock wall on one side of an 8-foot incline at the center of the structure. The other side features a dual-lane slide to the bottom. It’s the perfect set up to stage races between two people who want to test their skills in a friendly competition. It’s also safe, with an inflatable course surrounding the center.

The Rock Slide combines two fun attractions into one 30-foot long, 15-foot high and 10-foot wide piece of inflatable entertainment! It’s a great addition to any big community festival, company party, and church or school fundraiser where you expect kids and teens to attend. We’re guessing a few adults will want to try it out, too.

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