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What Are The Best Fundraising Games?

What Are The Best Fundraising Games? | Carnival Games For Fundraisers

The best way to make a fundraiser lively and successful is to make it fun, which is exactly what fundraising games do. Making them a part of your fundraising strategy can lead to multiple streams of revenue for your fundraiser’s coffers.

But which carnival games for fundraisers work best? It’s really a matter of what you think your guests will like. That’s why it’s good to set up many different games to appeal to as many people as possible.

The list of best fundraising games starts with providing guests a host of choices to have fun.

Carnival Games and Rides

Everyone has experience purchasing tickets to use them on rides and games at carnivals. That’s the set up you want to emulate. The trick here is finding a group of exciting carnival games for fundraisers that will appeal to every age and interest. Fortunately, you have many great carnival game choices.

Carnival Game Rental Ideas

Dunk Tank

Dunk tanks never lose their appeal, because it’s simply too much fun to try and give someone a cold, wet trip into the tank. People can buy tickets to take a shot at throwing the ball, hitting the target and sending the person into the tank into the water. Simple but effective! It’s right up there with the kissing booth in terms of longstanding popularity.


The Banned Word Game

Before the start of your fundraiser, select a word or words that , if anyone says them, they must put money into a jar. Make it a word that is almost impossible to not say at a fundraising party. Set up for this couldn’t be easier: one or two decorated jars and a list of banned words posted where everyone can see them.

An Old-Fashioned Bake Sale

A bake sale is a time-honored way to raise money for a charity, and selling baked goods is a staple of fairs and carnivals. To motivate the bakers in your area, create a contest and appoint a panel of judges to determine who brings the best baked good (you may want to limit it to cakes or pies). All the baked goods are then sold off to raise money for your cause, with the winner fetching the highest price, of course.

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Interesting Carnival Food

Speaking of food, that’s another sure way to create a method of raising money for your fundraiser. In addition to carnival games, you can also rent carnival food options such as cotton candy, Snow Cones and popcorn machines. Everyone gets hungry, so raising money through food purchases is a smart way to go, especially with something as cost-effective as carnival food.

Rent a Snow Cone Machine

Racing For Charity

The idea here is to have people pay an entry fee to get into a race, with all the proceeds going to your fundraiser. The winner of the race can collect a prize (you’ll want to look into getting prizes donated – or maybe give away some of the tasty stuff from the bake sale). What to race? Well, you have plenty of choices, including obstacle courses, Zorb tracks and Wipeout (which is less a race than a “last man standing game,” but the concept still works).

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Have a Quiz Show

This also features a competition. Set up a quiz contest where each round features questions in different categories. Everyone gets a point for a correct answer with the winning individual (or team) with the most points after all the rounds are done. Tickets sales to play would raise the bulk of the money. You can also give players the chance to give a bit more to your cause by giving them one chance per round to pay to either ask someone in the crowd or call someone for help with an answer.

Using fundraising games makes charity events much more fun and gets everyone’s competitive juices flowing. Whether you are doing it for a school, charity or church, using carnival games for fundraisers helps make your guests happier and your fundraising coffers fuller.

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