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How to Plan a Birthday Party for Adults Checklist

How to Plan a Birthday Party for Adults Checklist | Step by Step Guide

Who doesn’t want a cool birthday party, even if they’re an adult? Friends and family can make an adult’s birthday wish a reality by throwing a fabulous party. If you’re trying to make someone’s day with a birthday party for adults, this checklist can give you framework for planning the big day.

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Three Months Before the Party

Months before the event, decide what kind of party you want to throw. That involves making some big decisions. They include:

  • Is it a themed party and if so, what kind of theme?
  • How many people will you invite?
  • What’s your party budget?
  • What are some date and time options for the party?

This is also the time to book a venue if you need one and to contact entertainment companies that can help you with expert advice and amazing party rentals.

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One Month Before the Party

Now’s the time to send out the invitations. These days, many invitations are “green” and sent electronically, but you may want the extra touch of designing a real card. Whatever the case, it tops the one month before the party checklist. Other items include the following.

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  • If you plan to hire a chef, now’s the time to do it
  • If not, now’s the time to order all the food and drink you need from a caterer
  • Make the decorations for the party, or purchase them to ensure you’ll have everything you need
  • Have your team in place – you can’t throw a party without help, whether it’s professional help or friends and family (or both)

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A Week Before the Party

Your birthday party for adults is getting close! Now’s the time to take care of some “last-minute issues” before they become last-minute issues.

  • Get the birthday cake and other baked goods – bakeries work best with some advance notice
  • Create the final party guest list based on the RSVPs you’ve received
  • Create a social media presence for your party using party hashtags

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The Day Before

The sprint to the finish line!

  • If you’ve got hired people working at the party, make sure to set aside some cash for tips
  • Pick up the items from the bakery
  • Run by the store (or use delivery) to get any last minute items
  • Make a last-minute tour of the event space

Day Of The Party

The final countdown begins. The following are some items to check off the day of the party. The key is to make these the only items you must check off.

  • Make sure all the decorations are in place, as well as table centerpieces, lighting, etc.
  • Check the forecast if you’re party is outside to ensure there are no last-minute surprises
  • Buy ice, the last item on every party list

The details of every party are different, but this list can set you on the path to getting your party done as efficiently as possible. That will save plenty of time for you to join your guests and enjoy yourself.

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