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Ideas For Planning a Church Christmas Party

By January 13, 2023January 19th, 2023Party Rental Resources
Ideas For Planning a Church Christmas Party | Church Event Tips

Few church events provide as many great memories as a church Christmas party. For Christians, it’s a time of year of celebration and a chance to share time and bond with other members of the congregation. Church events also provide great memories, especially for the congregation’s youngest members.

Planning a church Christmas party is something that starts much earlier in the year. It’s such a big event that really it’s never too early to start putting together a plan for making this year’s church Christmas party a special occasion.

Tips for Planning a Church Christmas Party

Every congregation is different, and each has its own way of celebrating the Christmas season. However, certain general rules apply to almost all planning for a church Christmas party. They include the following.

Ensure Staff Availability

Long before the Christmas season arrives, it’s a smart move to plan out the vacation schedules of all staff members to ensure that the church is at full staff during the holidays. During the Christmas season, many people who do not regularly attend church will show up, giving church staff more opportunities than ever to minister to church members that they might not normally reach.

Schedule Special Events

Throughout the Christmas season, churches can schedule specific events that focus on the true “reason for the season”. They can include the following.

  • A live nativity scene. Reenacting the birth of Jesus during a special church ceremony is a perfect addition to the church events calendar.
  • Hanging of the greens. This activity involves people bringing evergreen wreaths to church and hanging them in a special location as a symbol of their new life as a Christian. It’s an event typically accompanied with scripture reading and music.
  • Children’s pageant. As part of a service, include children who dress as people from the nativity story.
  • Charitable work. As part of the Christmas season, expand what the congregation does for charity work, such as volunteering as bell ringers for the Salvation Army.
  • Toy drive. The church congregation can make a difference in the lives of children by holding a toy drive that gathers toys to ensure children have something at Christmas.

Appoint Volunteer Team Leaders

Far ahead of the Christmas season, appoint volunteers to head up all the special events and programs that you have scheduled, including those in the list above. It’s also important to have a specific person act as liaison between the church and any non-profit organizations that the church is working with during Christmas.

Always Keep the Goal in Mind

It’s easy, especially in large churches, to get caught up in doing big Christmas events and having large numbers of people involved. To better manage stress and keep efforts focused, it’s important for church leaders to always keep the goal of each event in mind: to celebrate the faith and reach those who might otherwise not attend church regularly.

Church Christmas Party Entertainment

A church Christmas party also is a great time to expand what the church offers, providing special entertainment to make the event more memorable. In addition to worship services and decorations appropriate to the season, churches now can provide entertainment for the congregation that goes beyond the usual.

Party rental companies such as Air Fun Games in New Port Richey have opened the door to including all types of wholesome entertainment for both the young and old of the congregation.

Consider some of the following additions to your next church Christmas party. In the case of Air Fun games, professionals can help you pick out just the right rentals to make your next church event one of the most memorable ever.

Carnival Games and Concessions

Homemade food from church members is a staple for making any special event even better. No one is going to complain about tasty casseroles, fresh banana pudding or apple pie. In fact, they might complain if there wasn’t any of that!

However, planners can add to what congregation members bring with one of the many concession rentals available. They include hot dog and popcorn makers, as well as the always popular cotton candy.

Games abound, too. All the classics such as corn hole and Tin Can Alley are available. You can also rent a giant Jenga or Plinko game. Kids will enjoy Spin Art, which allows them to make their own souvenirs to always remember the event.

Air Fun also supplies tents, a power generator and support in both choosing and setting up rentals.

Bounce Houses

For the younger church members, nothing is going to please them more than a fun bounce house. There are almost 20 to choose from, each with their own theme. While none of them exactly say “Christmas”, a few well-placed decorations can transform them into something special for the holidays.

Inflatable Slides and Thrill Rides

If you want your church Christmas party to be especially memorable – and you plan on having many people in attendance – then the host of inflatable slides and thrill rides are worth consideration. Just one of these at a church gathering will make it the focus of the event in terms of entertainment.

They include gigantic obstacle courses, bumper cars and a trackless train that is perfect for giving the kids (and adults!) a fun ride, especially when decorated for the season.

The slides also come in a wide variety, too many to list here. But know that you can choose from ones that feature dinosaurs, the space shuttle and even a giant alligator.

Carnival Games

Christmas events are even better when everyone is engaged with the fun, and that includes

Of course, none of these will replace the Christmas caroling, worship services and holiday decorations that make a church Christmas party so special. Those traditions have long been the focus of church holiday gatherings, as they should be.

But they can provide another element of entertainment and a chance for the congregation to have even more  fun together.

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