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Six Areas to Master When You Host a Fun Summer Block Party

Six Areas to Master When You Host a Fun Summer Block Party

When it comes to learning how to host a fun summer block party, the place to start is learning the six  main areas where you need to put your focus. They are planning, guest invitations, hosting duties, food, entertainment (including icebreakers for guests), and goodie bags.

There are details within each, but understanding these six areas is the place to start. If it’s your first time to host a fun summer block party, the following will set your feet firmly on the right path. They also apply if you plan to host a big summer birthday party or even a fundraising event for your church.

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How to Host a Fun Summer Block Party

You’ll find some timeless classics on this list. Summer parties aren’t usually the best time to try experimental decorations or entertainment. Summer is for simple pleasures and fun. These ideas will help you host a party people will look back on with great memories.


Long before the party starts (at least a month or more), you must make some big choices.

  • Set a party budget (one you will stick to!)
  • Decide on the number of guests
  • Pick trustworthy helpers (do NOT try to do it alone)
  • Decide on time, date and location
  • Have a Plan B in case in rains (It’s Florida, after all)

If you decide to use a city or county park, contact the department in charge and find out if you need permits and the rules you need to follow.

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Guests Invitations

There are some parties where you want to use fancy invitations. But when you host a fun summer block party, that’s not an issue (although if you have a great invitation idea that you can do easily, knock yourself out). If it’s a neighborhood party, you can invite almost everyone in person. You can also post it on your Facebook page and get the word out on the community website. Summer parties are informal and laidback, one of the reasons they are awesome.

Hosting the Event

In addition to sending out invites, you’ll also want to promote the event. Once again, Facebook can help get out information about the event. You can create a party page just for the event to share details people need to know to attend (time, location, what you plan to serve, entertainment options, etc.) It’s also great for posting photos during and after the party. The pictures are half the fun! You also must oversee all the setup and cleanup – make sure to have plenty of help lined up for both.

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You don’t need fancy food for a summer block party. This is the perfect time to break out the grill and do burgers, hotdogs and something for those who do not eat meat (grilled Portobello mushrooms are a great choice). Large vegetable trays and plenty of snack foods (trail mix, pretzels, etc.) are good, too. Plenty of water to drink, of course. You’ll also want some sweet treats. Simple cookies or brownies (or plenty of both!) will get the job done. You can also get carnival concessions such as popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy machines.

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This is where you want to put the most effort. Water slides and thrill rides are perfect for a summer party. You want plenty of excitement and also a chance for people to cool down with water (you can even get a dunking booth!). The professional event planners at Air Fun Games can help you pick out the perfect entertainment to meet your party needs.

Also, games act as a great icebreaker at an event. Most people may know each other, but it’s always great to get to know people better and establish stronger friendships. As host, you also must be willing to show people around and introduce those who may not know each other.

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Goodie Bags

The late, great Paul Newman always said that how you end a movie is the most important part, because the only thing most people will remember. Same goes for summer block parties. Make sure to have a goodie bag with a keepsake of some kind and treats for the kids. Another good idea is to ask local businesses for coupons and gift cards you can add to the goodie basket.

Hosting a fun summer block party is part of what makes the summer great. If you focus on these main areas, you can’t go wrong. You’ll give guests a party they will always remember fondly.

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