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Popular Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start Doing This Year

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you may be starting to give thought to your plans. Whether you plan on holding a Thanksgiving party for your family or it’s just you, it’s always fun to start some new traditions. Traditions help to mark the day and make it feel memorable. They can also be something you end up looking forward to just as much as the meal itself.

Here are some popular Thanksgiving traditions you can embrace this year.

Thanksgiving On Your Own – Make the Menu Fun

Just because you may be on your own for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean it can’t be a special day. Because you aren’t worried about cooking for others and making sure everyone has a dish they like, you can instead make the meal fun. There is no reason why you have to pick traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Maybe this can be a chance to try different cuisine and order take-out, master a new-to-you recipe, or even have a dinner of all finger foods, appetizers, desserts, or mini portions.

In terms of activities, this is the perfect chance to binge-watch that hit show everyone has been talking about or those movies you haven’t had a chance to watch yet. If you plan on binge-watching, be sure to also stock up on all your favorite snacks and beverages.

Thanksgiving As a Couple – Add Some Romance to the Holiday

Thanksgiving isn’t exactly known for being a romantic holiday, but if it’s just you and your significant other, nothing is stopping you from adding romance. Why not choose romantic, elegant, and fancy recipes? You can cuddle up during the day and watch some romantic comedies, maybe get out the card or board games after dinner, and just make it about the two of you.

Other fun couple ideas are to create a signature cocktail the two of you can enjoy, go for a Thanksgiving Day drive to look at the fall foliage and play some romantic music after dinner and enjoy dancing together.

The final tip for couples is to make it a device-free day. That means no checking emails, text messages, social media, or anything else. Just focus on each other.

Thanksgiving As a Family of Three or More – Activities and Entertainment are Needed

Now if you’re going to be holding a Thanksgiving party for your family of three or more, which may also include your extended family, then you’ve got the opportunity to embrace some really fun and popular traditions that are sure to be entertaining.

Some great ones you could introduce to your annual family celebration can include:

  • A family football game
  • A fall-themed scavenger hunt
  • Fall crafts for the kids
  • Cookie decorating
  • A fall hike in the woods
  • A family pie competition

You don’t want to squeeze too much into the day, however, so it’s wise to just pick one or two activities and go all in on them.

Start a Whole New Yearly Tradition

If you’re ready to get into a thanksgiving mood and start planning the day, all of these tips, ideas, and popular traditions can spark inspiration and creativity. These will ensure you create a new yearly tradition that you look forward to.