Balloon Blast

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This game is a staple of the carnival midway and something almost everyone has had the chance to play at one time or another. This version of Balloon Blast is easy to set up, giving you a convenient way to provide guests at your next big event the chance to enjoy a midway favorite all over again!

Balloon Blast is simple to put together. The pieces that make up the base of the game slot together, and the board has 25 holes to hold balloons. Simply inflate the balloons to the proper size, then place them in the holes. Players, playing alone or in teams, then stand at  preset distance from the balloons and attempt to pop them by throwing bean bags.

Much like the classic midway game it is based on, Balloon Blast is harder to play than it looks! But players will love the chance to test their throwing skills, and they’ll also love the satisfaction of seeing and hearing a balloon pop as they hit it. This game can offer that carnival midway feel to any big event, from college or corporate parties to school fundraisers.

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