Fish Bowl Frenzy Game Rental

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The Fish Bowl Frenzy game is a twist on the traditional carnival toss game where competitors attempt to toss a ping pong ball in the small opening of a fishbowl. All ages will love the challenge. Younger players can have all 12 chances to toss a ball in the bowl while older participants could be required to toss the ball in a designated bowl to make the game more challenging.

What’s your game style? Will you try to hit it off the backboard or toss it straight in? Either way, the challenge is yours to conquer. Who will be first to win the prize?  Fish Bowl Frenzy offers easy table-top setup and take-down, perfect for local carnivals, block parties, reunions and more. The compact case is perfect for transporting from one event to another. Reserve your Fish Bowl Frenzy carnival game now and watch the fun unfold.

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