Frog Hop Case Game Rental

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Do you have what it takes to launch a frog into the air and get it to land on a lily pad? That’s the challenge with the Frog Hop Case Game, a carnival-style game that is sure to remind your guests of trying their hand at games along the midway. It’s a simple but challenging game for kids and adults alike!

Here’s how it works. The Frog Hop Case Game comes in a case with a fun painting on the inside of the opened lid (featuring smiling frogs jumping on lily pads) and a wooden playing board in the case itself. Players place a rubber frog on a launching pad at one end of a small seesaw board, then smack the other end of the board with a mallet, sending the frog flying through the air. Players win the game by getting their frog to land on one of several lily pads. It’s not as easy as it looks!

The Frog Hope Case Game provides a ton of fun in a small package. Easy to carry and set up, it’s a nostalgic game that will bring back memories of simple but challenging midway fun that you don’t have to plug in to enjoy. It’s sure to attract a crowd at your next big event, including school and church fundraisers, community festivals, company picnics and corporate parties!

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