Leaping Lizards

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Get ready to give your party guests a carnival game unlike any other. The Leaping Lizards game literally involves making lizards fly through the air, trying to get them to land on surrounding leaves or a log. It will get the competitive juices flowing for your party guests as well as giving everyone else something fun to watch!

Here’s how it works. Players place a toy lizard on an adjustable arm at one end of the game board, then aim it in the direction they want their lizard to fly. They then use a mallet to hit the other end of the arm, sending the lizard leaping down the game table. Players score the most when the lizard lands on one of four leaves or the “bullseye” – a log at the far end of the table.

This is a game people will definitely remember as players compete and lizards fly through the air. Easy to set up and play, the Leaping Lizards carnival game is perfect for addition to a festival, company party, school fundraiser or big church event. Both kids and adults will want to see how far and accurately they can make a lizard leap!

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