Match the Color

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This is a great game for kids who are attracted to the multiple colors and simple game play that Match the Color offers. Much like Plinko, Match the Color involves dropping discs onto a board with six rows that are in three different colors (red, green and yellow). The object is to have your disc get to the bottom of the game board in the same color that it started. Not easy! Obstacles in the board redirect the disc as it drops, making it next-to-impossible to guess where it might land.

Match the Color is a great addition to an event where you know in advance that there will be plenty of kids looking for games to play. It’s the perfect fit for neighborhood parties, school fundraisers and church events. While it’s something you think of mostly for kids, it’s also a good addition at a trade show booth, providing an icebreaker with potential new clients and a chance for them to try their luck on the Match the Color board!

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