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Fall Fundraiser Ideas

By August 12, 2022October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Fall Fundraiser Ideas | Unique Fundraising Events People Love

As the weather cools down and pumpkins start popping up everywhere you go, it’s the perfect time to plan a fall harvest festival fundraiser. Seasonal celebrations can raise a lot of money, because people are ready to enjoy all of the special activities that only come around once a year.

Here are some fall fundraiser ideas to help you raise money while giving your guests a fun day they will never forget!

Bring on the Games

One easy way to make money and ensure your guests have an incredible time is to provide plenty of fall festival games for them to enjoy. You can choose to charge a specific price per game or ask for a donation to play. Or you can include all the games in the price of admission if that’s more in line with your fundraising goals.

Carnival games can really help you raise money, especially if there’s a chance to win a prize. Some friendly competition can entice people to want to play again and again! You can also include games that people can play in groups, like giant Jenga or cornhole.

If you want there to be family-friendly fun, bounce houses and inflatable slides are a must! Kids will have a blast jumping and their parents will be excited to let them burn off some energy.

Include Fall-Themed Sweet Treats

One of the things that people get most excited about every autumn is all of the delicious seasonal treats. Including these goodies as part of your fundraiser will set an immediate tone for the event, as the smell of pumpkin spice or apple cider wafts through the air. Plus, you can raise a ton of money by selling fall-themed treats.

There are plenty of ways to include fall food for your fundraising event. A bake sale is a tasty choice for this time of year, with items like pumpkin muffins, apple cider doughnuts, and so many delicious pies ready to attract customers. You could also make it competitive with a bake-off or a pie eating contest with an entry fee to help you raise money and a prize for the winner.

Have Some Holiday Fun

Another smart way to raise money in the fall is by making holidays a centerpiece of your fundraiser. If your event is in October, Halloween offers a ton of fundraising possibilities. Costume contests can draw a crowd and add a festive flair to the event.

Spooky contests can also help you earn money. One example is having boxes labeled with things like “zombie brains” or “witches brew” that guests have to reach into and feel. For a small donation, people can try to guess what material the spooky items are made out of, then the winner can get a prize.

Make It Photo Friendly

Including a photo friendly atmosphere is always a smart idea to get the word out about an event, because guests will post and share photos on their social media channels. There are so many options, like selfie stations with pumpkins, hay bales, and decorative foliage.

While a spring fundraiser may come to mind when you think of flowers, fall also has some beautiful floral options. Not only can these decorative touches help encourage people to want to take and post photos, but they can also help you raise money by selling the creations, like fall wreaths or bouquets.

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