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Inflatable Water Slides For Events in Tampa Bay

Inflatable Water Slides For Events in Tampa Bay | Slide Rentals

Inflatable water slides provide a safe, exciting way to offer some waterpark thrills at your next big Tampa Bay event.

Water slides are always a good choice for a large event, adding the fun and excitement of a water park without the long lines. Inflatable water slide rentals are available in Tampa Bay for all types of large events, including corporate parties, college festivals, school fundraisers and community festivals.

But why use a water slide rental at your next party? Because they bring a unique set of features and fun that kids and teens will especially love. They provide the chance to cool off on a hot day, with the extra element of racing against friends or co-workers.

Reasons to Have a Waterslide Rental at Your Tampa Bay Event

An inflatable water slide provides a unique experience for party guests – it[‘s not something that you see at every event, making it a memorable addition to your entertainment lineup. It’s a great way to add some variety to your party and make it stand out.

Here are some of the benefits of including a water slide at your next event.

Hours of Entertainment

Some event activities only last for a short time. An inflatable water slide rental, on the other hand, can entertain guests for hours. They can go up and down the slide, splash around in the water and have a blast with friends and family.

Parents Can Relax

Every parent wonders how they will entertain their kids at an event, and a water slide answers that question. Water slides are safe, with modern designs that put safety first. Inflatable water slides are designed with safety in mind, with soft lands and enough speed to make it exciting, but not dangerous. Parents can relax and enjoy the event knowing their kids are safe and having fun.

Easy Set Up and Take Down

Inflatable water slides are easy to set up and take down, which means less stress for party hosts. Air Fun Games professionals deliver, set up and take down the slide for events, making it convenient for event hosts.

It’s Just Fun

The slip and slide on the surface, the splash down at the end of the slide, and the anticipation as you climb to the top and prepare to slide – all of these experiences make a water slide rental a ton of fun for users.

Some of the Best Water Slide Rentals in Tampa Bay

There are now water slide rentals available for every type of party in Tampa Bay. They include the following.

27’ Pipeline. Towering 27 feet into the air with a 70-foot slide, this giant water slide provides plenty of thrills for party guests. The entire slide is designed as a giant wave and allows people to race each other to the splash zone finish line.

Hurricane slide. The Hurricane Extra Long water slide provides a giant, dual-lane slide that starts near the tip of the 18-foot tall slide and includes a 37-foot sliding lane.

King Croc. The King Croc slide rises 20 feet into the air and features a giant crocodile that straddles the slide. Riders climb stairs to the top of the slide and then glide down a lane beneath the crocodile.

22-Foot Single-Lane Tiki Plunge. This slide adds a bit of tropical flair to your next big Tampa Bay event. The 22-foot Single-Lane Tiki Plunge gives riders the chance to ride down a steep slide into a soft landing.

18-Foot Double-Lane Tiki Plunge. This tropical-themed water slide has all the fast fun of the single-lane version, but allows people to race in side-by-side lanes.

These all can make your next big event something people will take about long after the party is over. Make the most use of the latest inflatable water slide retails for your next festival, fundraiser or holiday party.