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Tampa Bounce House Birthday Parties

Tampa Bounce House Birthday Parties | Kid Party Ideas in Tampa Bay

Seasons change and trends come and go, but one thing is for certain: kids love bounce houses. When it comes to birthday parties for kids, nothing beats bounce house birthday parties. Fortunately, parents have more options for bounce houses and slides than ever.

For parents, you really can’t go wrong. Choices range from an indoor bounce house to huge bounce houses and slides perfect for the backyard or a park.

Indoor Bounce Houses in Tampa

When planning a kid party, the hardest part is figuring out where to start. The bounce house and slide options below can give you some idea of what’s available. One of them is sure to give your kids a birthday party they and their friends will always remember.

Tampa Bay Bucs Pirate Ship Bounce House

Who doesn’t love pirates? And in the Tampa Bay area, pirates are even a bigger deal because of the Gasparilla Pirate Fest and the Tampa Bay Bucs football team. This bounce house is a pirate fan’s dream! Painted in bright colors, it’s an inflatable moonwalk with a slide, climbing challenges and a large bounce area. This is the perfect for bounce house birthday parties for Tampa Bay area kids!

Pirate Ship Bounce House

Tunnel and Slide Combo

Kids love to explore tunnels and fly down slides, so why not have it all in one rental? The Tunnel and Slide Combo packs a lot of entertainment in a 24’ by 24’ space, with a slide, a climbing wall, a tunnel and a jumping area. It also provides access from both sides, keeping the kids from getting bunched up at the entrance.

Double Slide and Bouncer

The name says it all! This inflatable comes with two slides and a separate area where kids can bounce. The dual slides allow for racing. This one is extremely popular for birthday parties and school events, as well.

Inflatable Slide Rentals You'll Love

Inflatable Slides

If you want to get a bigger inflatable for your party, the options for slides are nothing short of amazing. They work great for a kid party, but also for a birthday party for adults, as well. Some of the choices include the following.

  • Pirate Lagoon Inflatable Slide. A slide designed with the brow of a pirate ship and more than 40 feet of sliding fun.
  • Life’s a Beach Party Slide. Designed with palm trees this slide can work with or without water.
  • Space Shuttle Turbo Slide. A beautifully designed slide with a giant space shuttle and a wicked, curving slide.
  • Gator Hide and Slide. This is another bounce house/climbing challenge/slide combo – but all inside the belly of a giant, inflatable alligator!
  • T-Rex Dinosaur Slide. If you’ve got a kid who loves dinosaurs, this dual-lane slide with a giant T-Rex is what you need.

With the options available today, it’s easier than ever to find a bounce house or slide that can turn a regular birthday party into a bounce house birthday party. Your kids (and all their friends) will thank you!

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