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Questions to Ask an Event Planner

By December 4, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Questions to Ask an Event Planner | What to Know Before Planning Events

In some cases, it’s best to hire an event planner rather than take on the job yourself. If you hire the right person, it’s money well spent that will save you time and stress in trying to plan and host your event, fundraiser or corporate party.

While event planners are useful, not everyone has experience dealing with one. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of planning events, you might not know the type of questions you should ask to ensure event planners correctly handle your indoor or outdoor party planning.

The following questions represent some great topics to start on when vetting potential planners for your next event.

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What’s Your Specialty?

People become an event planner for different reasons, sometimes involving the type of parties they like to plan – weddings, business conferences, fundraisers, etc. When checking out event planners in the early stages, find out if they specialize in the type of party you want to throw.

What Are The Latest Trends?

One of the keys to a great party is using themes and decorations that are in step with current trends. Knowing the latest party planning trends is part of an event planner’s job and they will have information on how to plan and create a party that reflects those trends.

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What Services Are Offered?

Depending on the type of party, you might need guest speakers, musicians, floral arrangements, catering and many other services. Find out what type of services an event planner offers early in the process.

What’s The Cost?

You should have a party budget established. You then need to make sure the event planner can work within that budget.

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How Long Will It Take?

To make sure that you can get your party ready on time, find out the amount of time the event planner needs for your specific type of party.

What Type of Venue?

You need to ask what type of venue the planner sees for your event, as it is likely to be your biggest expense. You also want to see if the planner has any special arrangements with an event venue.

What About Vendors?

Potential special arrangements with vendors, another big expense, should also be explored. You want to take advantage of any discounted rates they might offer.

What Safety Measures Will Be Taken?

Liability is an important issue. It’s important to find out if you need special insurance for the event and the safety precautions needed with certain types of entertainment (fireworks, electrical equipment, etc.).

What Is The Refund Policy?

Sometimes you must cancel an event. Find out what the cancellation policy is for the event planner, and what part of their payment is refundable.

These questions can put you on the right track when it comes to assessing whether an event planner is the right choice for you. Set aside the time to do a thorough assessment of each potential vendor – you’ll be happy with the money and time you save yourself down the road.

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