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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas | Valentine Fun for Kids and Adults

Roses, construction-paper hearts with lace borders and chocolate everything: Valentine’s Day must be right around the corner. It gives everyone a great reason to plan a Valentine’s Day party to share the fun with friends.

A Valentine’s Day party is a staple of grade school but they’re also a wonderful way for all ages to shake off those late winter blahs and celebrate something positive: love.

Valentine’s Day Fun For Kids

When you’re throwing a kid’s Valentine’s Day party, you want to keep them entertainment and occupied for as long as possible. Not easy! But these games can help. Structured Valentine fun  is a must with the younger set, lest the party descend into sugar-fueled anarchy.

Kids Valentine’s Day Party Ideas You’ll Love

Cards Are a Fun Activity for Kids

The highlight of most grade-school age Valentine’s Day parties is the exchange of Valentine’s Day cards. Make sure each child has enough cards for all other guests to avoid hurt feelings.

Preparing Valentine cards can be a fun party activity as well. There are many sites on the web from which kids’ Valentine cards can be downloaded for free. The website Crazy Little Projects has links to snack-themed cards to which children can attach fun-size candy bars. (If you need a break from all the sugar, there are cards that attach to potato chip bags.)

Crafts and Cookies

Younger children will enjoy Valentine craft projects. Heart-shaped mini-marshmallows and toothpicks are all that’s needed for a building activity that engages kids’ imaginations and problem-solving skills.

Making cookies is another fun and simple activity for younger party goers. Kids can turn heart-shaped sugar cookies into cute crawly critters with chocolate and pink frosting.

Structured activity is a must with the younger set, lest the party descend into sugar-fueled anarchy.

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Break the Ice With Party Games

Hosting a grown-up Valentine’s Day party won’t require so many structured activities. However, party games are a great way to break the ice and create a relaxed atmosphere. Here are a few that require little to no preparation, a definite bonus for the host!

Who’s Who?: Write the titles of romantic films (such as “Casablanca,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “Titanic,” etc.) on sticky notes. Stick titles on guests’ backs as they arrive. Make sure they don’t see the title! Throughout the party, guests can ask other party-goers questions to try to guess the title they’ve been assigned. This game is sure to start conversations and is especially useful when guests aren’t familiar with each other.

Newlyweds: Here’s a fun game for a couples’ party. As guests arrive, have each couple write a funny or interesting fact about their relationship on a piece of paper. Have them fold the paper and put it in a bowl.  Once everyone has arrived, hand each couple a paper and pen. Draw an answer from the bowl and read it aloud. Guests try to guess to which couple the fact pertains.

Name That Love Song: Choose a few lines from popular love songs and write them down on slips of paper. Try to have a mix of styles and eras, from a current chart hit to a Frank Sinatra favorite. Have a guest draw a slip of paper with lyrics from a bowl. The guest must give a dramatic reading  of the song’s lyrics. Have the other players try to guess the name of the song. The one with the most correct guesses wins.

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Cocktails Add Spice for Grown-up Gatherings

Adult party hosts can spice up proceedings with specialty cocktails. Delish has a guide to Valentine-themed concoctions with which to showcase your mixology skills. Among the offerings are chocolate martinis, pomegranate mimosas and the intriguingly named giggle juice. Just make sure your guests include enough non-imbibing designated drivers.

Mealtime can become part of the festivities since anything from French toast to sandwiches to meatloaf can be cut or molded into the shape of a heart.

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Games Can Bridge Generations

Look for games that cross generational lines, such as Valentine’s Day Matchmaker. In this game, players are given the name of one member of a famous couple and must identify the partner. Parents can face off against children, or teams can pair kids and grown-ups. Use romantic couples from movies, literature, fairy tales or television.

Another family-friendly game puts a holiday spin on Pictionary. Write words and phrases associated with Valentine’s Day, love and romance, etc., on slips of paper and put them in a hat or bowl. Players draw from the hat or bowl and then must illustrate the word or phrase.

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with family, friends and both, these suggestions should help make the day memorable and fun.

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