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Tips For Throwing a Summer Birthday Party

By March 15, 2021October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Tips For Throwing a Summer Birthday Party | Bday Summer Party Ideas

Birthdays are special any time of year, but they’ve got an extra special something when they are a summer birthday party. In addition to all the fun with gifts and hanging out with friends, those lucky enough to have a summer birthday also get warm weather and a nice, long break from school.

If you’ve got a child or special someone in your life with a summer birthday party, congratulations! Their good fortune can be your good fortune, too. All you need are a few tips for throwing a summer birthday party that will make the day special not just for the birthday boy or girl, but everyone on your invitation list.

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Light Food, Cool Drinks

The hot sun will lower everyone’s appetite, but increase the need for plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. If you want to have something beyond plain bottled water, you can add flavored water drinks or even colored ice. Why be boring, even when it comes to water? As for food, stick to the summer staples. There’s no reason to reinvent the culinary wheel. Think fresh fruit and a selection of meats you can grill (especially hamburgers and hot dogs).

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Break Out the Games

Having games available can please everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. You can break out board games for those who want to play in the shade, or you can get out the croquet or badminton set. You also can provide fun, classic carnival games.

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Provide Thrilling Entertainment

Food and friends are awesome, but you need the third “F” to make a summer birthday party epic: Fun! And nothing is more fun, or can better beat the heat, than turning your party into your own version of a water park. Modern entertainment rental companies have amazing options, including incredible water slides and thrill rides.

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String Some Lights

A summer birthday party is best when everyone gets to soak up some vitamin D and spend time in the sun. But if part of your party is held in the evening hours, make sure to already have lights strung up and ready to turn on. There isn’t any kind of outdoor party that isn’t made better in the evening with lights strung up around the back porch, in the trees or around the pool.

Have Some Friendly Competition

In addition to water slides, another way to provide a central attraction to your summer birthday party is with attractions that provide a little entertainment. For a backyard party or a party in the park, you can rent a Zorb track, mechanical bull or obstacle courses that provide a challenge for all the party guests.

Take Care of the Little Kids

There isn’t a parent in the world who wasn’t happy they decided to add a bounce house to a party where younger children are on the guest list. Bounce houses remain popular after all these years precisely because they provide the sort of entertainment little kids love: the ability to bounce up and down safely to their heart’s content!

These tips can make your summer birthday party even better. You already have the good fortune of having a loved one with a summer birthday. You might as well take advantage of it!

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