Rattlesnake Roundup Game Rental

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Rattlesnake Roundup is a fun twist on traditional ring toss games. In this game, you only get three rings to toss, but you can offer endless turns to carnival goers who don’t want to give up! Toss the rings on the cactus, but remember, in this game, you can’t have more than one ring on each cactus. Each cactus needs its own ring! That’s why each ring is a different color, so your guests can see where they need to try next.

Perfect for small tabletops, this Ring the Cactus Game is good for all ages but will really enchant a younger crowd ready to play and win like the big kids! Game folds into a small case weighing only 28 lbs. and comes with 6 rings, making it perfect for carnival themed events, school festivals, charity fundraisers and more!

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