Ripsaw Runner

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The Ripsaw Runner is a great game of skill that will challenge both adults and kids. A hit on carnival midways, the Ripsaw Runner is convenient to set up and provides players hours of entertainment.

The game tests a player’s balancing skills. Each person gets three balls that they must roll down the arms of the Ripsaw Runner, trying to stop the ball over cups on the surface of the game board. They then pull the two arms apart to let the ball drop, getting points for each one that falls into a cup. The farther the cup is down the board, the higher points the player wins!

It’s easy enough to play, but hard to master. Players must learn to hold the two arms on the Ripsaw Runner at just the right angle to get the ball rolling without allowing it to drop outside of a cup. It’s a surefire way to give your next corporate party, college event or school fundraiser a bit of a carnival feel, and give guests a challenge they will not soon forget.

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