Spill the Milk Case Game Rental

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How much carnival game fun can you get into a convenient, wooden game case? Spill the Milk provides an answer! With this small-sized case, you can give the guests at your next big event, festival or fundraiser a chance to relive those magical nights on the carnival midway with a simple but challenging game.

The Spill the Milk game comes in a case that is easy to set up and easy to break down. The case is portable and durable. Spring hinges counterbalance the lid, keeping it from slamming shut. When you break it down, everything that comes with the game – two wooden milk bottles and two balls – store neatly inside.

As for game play, it’s as fun as the classic carnival games. Players stand at a predetermined distance from the Spill the Milk game (based on age and skill level) and try to knock down the two wooden milk bottles with two throws. It’s like bowling without an alley! It’s simple but hard to win , which is one reason that Spill the Milk has been popular for so many years! It’s a fun game for kids and adults alike. With its ease of set up and popularity, it makes the perfect addition to your next big company party, church fundraiser or community festival.

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