Star Dart Case Game Rental

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Put the fun of the local carnival or State Fair midway into your next event, fundraiser or festival! The Star Dart game also provides the perfect icebreaker at your next big corporate event or company picnic, giving everyone a chance to bond over a challenging game.

The convenient Star Dart Case Game is an updated version of the classic darts games that’s a staple of every midway. The game comes inside a durable box that contains six suction darts and a painted board on the inside of the opened lid that features six gold stars on a red background. Spring hinges counterbalance the lid to keep it from slamming shut. It’s easy to carry, set up and take down when the event is over.

Players stand at a predetermined distance from the case and aim their darts at the stars. They only win if the suction cup on the dart is completely inside the star. Like many carnival games, it’s easy to understand how to play, but challenging to win. Add this classic carnival game to your next big event, and your party guests will enjoy the nostalgia and fun of an old-school carnival game!

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