Star Maze Runner

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Here’s a carnival-style game that will provide even the most veteran game players a tough challenge. The Star Maze Runner seems simple enough – get a ball through a maze and out the exit ramp – but it’s a lot harder than it looks, especially since players must rotate the maze just right to win.

The game starts by putting a ball into the circular maze. Players then use a wheel to turn the maze either left or right, moving the ball through the maze as they turn the wheel. It’s tricky! Players must figure out just the right amount of turning needed to get the ball past sections of the maze, eventually leading it to the exit tunnel at the bottom of the wheel.

Star Maze Runner is one of those great games that not only is fun for players, but for the crowd of people that are sure to show up and watch how well they do. It’s a game like no other, and makes a memorable addition to your next big corporate event, school fundraiser or college party. It’s also a great addition to a tradeshow booth, giving people a reason to drop by and test their skill in the Star Maze Runner.

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