Whip N Skip

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The Whip N Skip is a new take on a classic carnival game. It’s deceptively straightforward and easy to learn how to play, but do you have the skills to win at this game? It’s not as easy as it looks!

The Whip N Skip consists of a board that has a curved slide and three hoops. Players slide a disk up the slide, where it then does a 180-degree turn and goes up a slight incline that launches it into the air and toward three hoops. If the disc lands in the hoop, the player scores! Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Rent the Whip N Skip for your next big event and stand back and watch as people become mesmerized by the game, intent on figuring out how to slide the disc in just the right way to get it into one of the hoops. It adds a bit of carnival game competition into your next fundraiser, company party or college event. It’s not only fun for the players, but also for the people who watch and cheer them on!

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