King of the Hill Game Rental

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Have you ever played mini-golf and had to take shot after shot as your ball would roll back down the hill, just missing the hole at the top? If you hit it too hard, the ball goes bouncing off in a crazy direction. Too soft and it won’t stay at the top of the hill and make it in the hole. Well, King of the Hill requires similar skills to master but you don’t need an entire course, just this compact table-top game.

King of the Hill is one of those games that all ages can enjoy making it a great party game rental for your next fundraiser, community event, or church carnival. Players roll the ball up the hill and try to make the ball land in one of the five slots at the top. Roll the ball too hard and it will come shooting back at you. Guests will test their skills to see if they have what it takes to get the ball in just the right spot. Each player gets three tries to rack up the most points.

Whether you need a fun tradeshow game rental or backyard birthday party entertainment, King of the Hill is the perfect tabletop carnival game for the job.

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