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College Campus Event Ideas

By July 5, 2022October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
College Campus Event Ideas | How to Entertain College Students

It’s no secret that college students like to have a good time. If you’re planning an event on a college campus, fun is always going to be the ultimate goal.

This is great news for you because it makes the event planning fun as well! Use these college campus event ideas to entertain college students with a party they’ll cherish long past graduation.

Serve Some Tasty Snacks

The first thing you need to make college students happy during a college campus event is some delicious food. Including food in your event invite or advertising will help increase your chances of attracting students. You could even encourage some walk-ins; if a student is walking across campus and smells popcorn wafting from your event, they’re sure to come in!

There are so many fun food ideas that can bring college students to your event. If you’re having a themed event, you can pair the snacks accordingly, like cotton candy for a carnival theme or popcorn for a movie theme. Or you can let the season be your guide, like having snow cones to help cool down during an outdoor event on a warm day.

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Challenge Them to a Competition

In college, pretty much everything can quickly turn into a competition. So, it makes sense to include some friendly competition to get students excited about when planning your college campus event.

There are so many fun party options to bring out the competitive spirit of students. Party rentals like a wipeout attraction let them put their reflexes to the test like some of their favorite competition shows. They can try to make it up Jacob’s ladder without flipping and falling off. And there are inflatable games suitable for any skill level to enjoy.

Classic carnival games are another fun option. Or you can rent cornhole boards, giant Jenga, or sports themed games that test their athletic skills. Whether you make the competitions just for fun or award prizes to the winners, the students will all want to be number one!

A dunk tank is also a fun way to enjoy a bit of competitive spirit. This can be especially impactful based on who you can get to volunteer to be dunked. Students will love the chance to dunk a professor or maybe a student dressed in clothes from a rival college.

Make Your Event Photo-Worthy

College students like to take photos and videos, posting their fun activities on social media. So, if your event is photo-worthy, college students will love it!

A foam party is the perfect example of a college event that’s both fun and sure to inspire a ton of social media content. Inflatables are another sure hit, with friends taking turns filming each other going down an inflatable waterslide or trying to tackle an inflatable obstacle course.

When you have a college campus event with plenty of photo opportunities, consider creating an event hashtag to make it easy for students to spread the word about your party. This can even help boost attendance, as students can see the social media posts in real-time and want to come check it out.

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