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Retro-Themed Party Planning Guide

By July 8, 2022October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Retro-Themed Party Planning Guide | How to Host a Vintage Theme Event

Nostalgia is a powerful way to set a mood, which is why a  retro-themed party is so much fun. Using a vintage theme for your event also can make the planning even easier, because the theme helps narrow down everything from the music and food to the decor and activities.

This planning guide will make it easy to have a retro-themed party that you and your guests will always remember!

Choose Your Event’s Retro Theme

The first step is to choose the exact theme for your party. Vintage themes offer so many options, as pretty much any past era is on the table! You could pick a more recent decade, like a 1990s party or take it all the way back to the Old West with a Western theme party.

Your theme can also be narrowed down even further by combining a decade and a location, like a 1950s themed carnival party or a 1980s roller skating event. Get creative with your theme, it will set the tone for the entire party!

Plan Your Party Budget

Once your vintage theme is locked in, you’re ready to start budgeting. Creating a party budget will be the core of your event planning, because it will dictate what you will be able to include at your party.

If you have an idea of what sort of food, entertainment, and activities you want to include, that will help make the budgeting process easier. Party rental companies can often help you find the rentals you need within your budget.

Help With Event Planning

Determine the Event Details

For a retro-themed party, the details will help make your party pop! You could ask your guests to dress up within the party’s theme to help make the vintage vibe even stronger. Create a playlist of music that sets the retro mood and keep it pumping throughout your event.

Your theme doesn’t have to be literal to be a ton of fun. For example, you could have a 1960s-themed rock and roll party, but surprise your guests by including a rock wall to climb and a roller bowler game to play. Now that’s a fun way to rock and roll your way to a good time!

Serve Retro Food

Food and drink are essential parts of a successful party. Vintage theme parties make it easy to plan a menu, because you just need to consider the popular foods of the time period.

Doing a drive-in movie themed party? A popcorn machine can provide the perfect snack! A Western party could include BBQ, a 1980s party could offer a candy table with treats that were popular in that decade. Whether you want your event to include a full meal or just some light snacks, your theme will make it easy to choose the right food for your event.

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Make It Easy to Share Party Pics

Your retro-themed party is going to be an event you’ll never want to forget, so don’t forget about the photos! You can hire a photographer, rent a photo booth, or set up a DIY selfie station with vintage props so your guests can take their own photos.

Don’t forget to create a hashtag for your event, so party goers can easily share pictures on social media and everyone can enjoy them!

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