Streetskee Game Rental

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Do you remember the classic fun of arcade skee-ball games? Now you can bring the challenge of skee-ball to your church fundraiser, tradeshow booth or neighborhood party. Streetskee is just as much fun and you can rent it for the day or a full weekend. Easily set it up anywhere you have enough room for a folding table. Guests of all ages will enjoy the challenge of trying to land one or all of their three balls in a hole. Each hole gets progressively smaller as the challenge of the game gets bigger. The smallest holes are worth the most points!

Can you roll the ball to the hole without rolling it too far or too hard? That’s the challenge of Streetskee!

Tabletop Streetskee comes with three balls and a large parts bag and weighs only 40 lbs for easy transport! Streetskee is a popular choice for your FL events. Reserve your popular game rentals today.

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