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Thanksgiving: A Time of Reflection and Family

Thanksgiving in Floida

Don’t lose sight of what’s important. Create the Thanksgiving you and your family deserves and reconnect after a long year of busy schedules and errands. With all the distractions like Black Friday and similar, it is easy to stop focusing on what you are really thankful for.

Create a Winter Festival in Florida

Winter Festival in Florida

With our expert tips and fantastic weather, creating a Winter Festival in Florida is a breeze. Not all winter festivals surround holiday themes either, they can simply celebrate how great it is to live in Florida. Check out our ideas on how to throw a truly memorable winter festival.

Western Theme Party Ideas

Western Theme Party Ideas

Don’t settle for the same old drab party every year. Spice things up with a western themed event. Even in Florida you can create a fantastic event for all the cowboys and cowgirls in your life. We have compiled the tips and resources you need to throw the perfect western themed party, so take a look and get ready for some fun.

Top Upcoming Florida Fairs and Festivals

Upcoming Florida Fairs

There are so many activities in our area this time of year we wanted to put a collection together of all the fairs and festival coming up so you don’t miss out. From the state and county fair to Novemberfest, we have them all. Check out all the fun in your own back yard.

Tips for a Halloween Party in Florida

Tips for a Florida Halloween Party

Creating a great Halloween party in Florida isn’t that complicated. In fact, our unique weather and people make Halloween and exciting time of year. Check out out tips on throwing a great Florida Halloween Party and make your own spooktacular party this season.

A Party To Remember: Not Easy to Do, But Worth the Effort

Create a party to remember

The turmoil felt in having to plan a party to remember isn’t something to ignore, it’s there because you need the right planning. By taking the challenge head on you can alleviate much of the concerns and headache associated to the party planning. Creating a party to remember is not easy but well worth the effort.

High Speeds, Lazy Rivers and Vertical Plunges: Florida’s Top Water Parks Have It All

Florida's Top Water Parks and Slides

We did the homework for you and found Florida’s top 5 water parks that are perfect for you and your family. There is a ton of fun to be had in the sunshine state and these water parks are sure to please. From lazy rivers to huge water slides the parks have it all.

Six Money Saving Birthday Party Tips

Money Saving Birthday Party Tips

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun and exciting events. However, if you are the one putting it together you can often get overwhelmed with the expense of the gathering. A great party doesn’t have to be overly expensive, you just need to plan to keep the costs down. Here are six money saving tips for birthday parties that you can use now.

The History of the Bounce House

Bounce House History

The history of the bounce house is far more complex than one would imagine. With roots traced back to NASA and engineers, the fun Moonwalk as we know it today has evolved over the decades. Find out how all this fun began and who was behind all the excitement. So whether you know it is a bounce house, bouncy or moonwalk, get the facts now.

Some of the World’s Most Famous Obstacle Courses

World's Most Famous Obstacle Courses

The history of the obstacle course dates back farther than most would even consider. Increasing with popularity over the years some of the most famous obstacle courses of today include Wipeout, Tough Mudder, American Ninja Warrior and a few more. The question is, are you up for the challenge?